Friday, November 07, 2008

Looking Good

Like lipstick on a pig...

Brady Quinn looked pretty good in his debut with the Browns. He was limited to throwing short passes and did miss his mark a few times but, considering who he was replacing, it was a big improvement. The big problem is that the Browns didn’t seal the deal on defense. Again. So the Browns have already matched their loss total from last season which virtually guarantees that the Browns will miss the post season. Romeo Crennel, you’re fired. It hasn’t been officially announced but you’ve been out of a job since the opener, Phil Savage is just biding his time.

Do you want a binky?

Jim Tressel looked pretty good storming out of his weekly press conference when questions centered on Ray Small. Senator Jim wanted the reporters to focus on the upcoming game against Northwestern but since that’s rarely a game they were more interested in getting the scoop on the star-crossed receiver Tressel refused to release from his scholarship last year. Thanks to his big game meltdowns Tressel isn’t being given the free pass he used to get from local sports writers and criticism abounds. Rumor has it that the heat will be on Tressel to make some serious changes to his coaching staff this off season. Ohio State should get ahead of the impending disaster and send Tressel and his phony Mr. Rogers act packing. The guy is a creep and overrated as a coach.

Little Big Man

Penn State looks pretty good sitting in at number 3 in the BCS polls. Sure, people in the Keystone State are put off over Texas Tech leapfrogging the Lions in the polls but Texas Tech deserves it. They’ve put up impressive numbers and upset a very good Texas team but Penn State fans can take solace in the fact that when the dust clears their team will be ranked number 1. That’s because Penn State, who hasn’t played anybody really good all year, doesn’t have to play anybody good to finish the season. Texas Tech has to run a gauntlet playing Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Baylor before defending its claim to BCS glory with a Big 12 championship game against, possibly, Missouri. I wouldn’t count on the Red Raiders staying perfect over four tough games in a row and Alabama isn’t going to run the table in the SEC either. So Penn State will make it to the BCS Championship game and you know what? They still won’t deserve it. They played a weak schedule and dominated a weak conference. Their biggest win was a 13-6 slugfest over the bloated Ohio State Buckeyes...not impressive.

To the question nobody asked...

Allen Iverson looks pretty good leaving Denver. The Detroit Pistons traded Chauncey Billups, the back bone of their recent success, along with a valuable reserve in Antonio McDyess for The Answer. Look, I’ll admit that AI has matured a bit in his twilight years but he still struggles with bouts of selfish play on the court. Iverson is a phenomenal basketball player but there’s a reason he isn’t sporting any Championship rings. I know that Iverson says he’s willing to make sacrifices and support his teammates but that’s all talk. We heard the same BS plop out of Karl Malone’s mouth when he went to play for the Lakers but as the season went on the prima donna who couldn’t bear to share the paint with his teammates at Utah proved to be a liability for the Lakers. The wiley veteran couldn’t even command enough respect from Shaq and Kobe to put an end to their schoolyard squabbling. So don’t expect AI to change just because his uniform did.


Manny Ramirez’s financial outlook looks pretty good. That’s because he’s a free agent who made a good case for being the NL MVP in spite of only playing a half a season in the NL. Manny is Manny. A lot of people don’t like him because he projects a selfish and lazy attitude, but the dude can hit the stitches off of a baseball. When it comes to what he does with a bat it’s hard to find somebody better. Yeah, the guy is a little goofy. He leaves a lot to be desired in the field and he’s not exactly somebody you want on base if you have to manufacture runs but there’s nobody else you’d rather have at the plate when you need to drive in a run. Manny Ramirez is a menace who actually does better in pressure situations. That’s because the same qualities that make Manny such a doofus away from the plate turn him into a machine when he’s at it. Manny doesn’t think about the circumstances, Manny doesn’t get caught up in the moment. Manny sees ball. Manny hits ball. Hard. That’s why he’s going to get paid a lot of money before the off season is over. Right or wrong, Manny’s value is measurable and his deficiencies are predictable. When the hemming and hawing comes to an end, Manny Ramirez is going to get a ton of money.

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