Friday, December 29, 2006

BCS lacking this year.

Ok, let’s get real. Even though we can extract a certain degree of satisfaction from the ponderous selection of bowl games, the only games that matter begin this weekend. Even though the BCS has been foisted upon us as something of consequence one of the most compelling match ups of the year has to be Arkansas and Wisconsin. The SEC has been heralded as the toughest conference in country and Wisconsin has been dismissed as lucky to dodge a Buckeye bullet on its way to a top 10 ranking.

We could compare and contrast schedules and talk about quality of competition but the Capital One Bowl is the best put up or shut up game on the menu. If Wisconsin wins the Big 10 carves out a chunk of national respect. The so-called experts who have dismissed the Badgers as a fluke will have to eat a little crow and the SEC will lose a touch of its luster. Don’t count Wisconsin out. The Big 10 might not look great on paper but paper doesn’t tell the whole story. This is a conference that got deeper as the season progressed.

Penn State could score a few points for the Big 10 if they beat Tennessee but this game just doesn’t seem to match up because Penn State has struggled with an erratic quarterback. The defense is solid and they have playmakers on offense but there just isn’t enough consistency there to make Penn State look formidable this year, which really puts the pressure on the Volunteers. They can’t make mistakes or the Lions defense will find a way to win the game. This is a team that shut down Ohio State for three and a half quarters and you have to figure that Tennessee’s defense will give that Penn State offense a little room. Tennessee should win, but they’d better come ready to play.

The biggest disappointment of the weekend might be squandering the impressive assortment of weapons Michigan has brandished all year on a USC team that just doesn’t have the magic of its predecessors. It could be a good game but based on what we’ve seem UCS’s only hope is that Michigan will be so disappointed in missing a second crack at Ohio State that they don’t deliver on the field. Sure, USC’s a good team with some great players but they couldn’t beat UCLA to seal the deal at the end of the year. They either lack discipline or talent. Or both.

Even though the teams are highly overrated, Louisville and Wake Forest make for an interesting pairing. Seeing Wake Forest rise to the top of its conference, albeit a very weak and confused conference, is a nice story and Louisville can move the football a bit. Neither one of these teams has any business being mentioned in the same sentence as the rest of the BCS field but the fact that their glaring weaknesses match up so well means this game could be fun. Sloppy perhaps, but fast paced and fun. Too bad the clout of the BCS is wasted on what amounts to a backyard scrimmage between two conferences full of bad teams.

Boise State can’t claim much of a conference but the fact that this team has been making noise for years makes the Fiesta Bowl a good game. Oklahoma might overpower the potato peelers with a whole lot of Adrian Peterson but we have to see it happen. If Boise State wins, the whole BCS selection process goes out the window. If Oklahoma racks of 500 yards rushing on the way to a 53-17 thrashing, Boise State and the rest of the WAC won’t be allowed to think about a BCS bowl.Ever again. It’s actually a lot of pressure for Boise State. Every non-BCS conference team is hoping Boise State can look respectable. Winning would be miraculous, but they have to keep the margin under three scores.

The most fitting bowl for the LSU Tigers is the Sugar Bowl. The Fighting Irish must look so sweet and tasty. We’re talking about an independent team with three victories posted over historically outclassed service academies and no victories against top ten opponents. As potent as the Brady Quinn led offense looks on the stat sheet, against tough defenses the future first round draft choice has looked more like a future ESPN commentator. Going back to last year’s unwarranted BCS nod against Ohio State, Charlie Weis and Brady Quinn just can’t figure out how to get the best of a good defense. This is an overrated match up because Notre Dame might be the least deserving of all the BCS teams. Charlie Weis must really be a genius because he’s got everybody fooled.

No matter how you slice it, Florida just doesn’t look like a championship contender. Even if they pull off the big upset and dethrone the anointed Buckeyes, the Gators still won’t have anybody convinced that they could get past Michigan. But it’s virtually impossible to see the upset coming. Comparisons have been made between this Florida club and the 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes who eventually upset Miami in a pretty intense Fiesta Bowl for the so-called national title. This Florida team isn’t that good.

The 2002 Buckeyes had a great defense that crushed everybody. They made every play. They were almost perfect. They had to be because Jim Tressel’s offense in 2002 was centered around the punt. If he went up by three in the second quarter he’d shut down the offense and start running out the clock. When you consider how awful that attack was (106th overall) it’s a miracle the defense overcame it’s own offense let alone the guys on the other team.

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You may want to delete this blog if possible because none of it came true. Unfortunately, George Bush's warped sense of the reality came true and the two teams that should have one lost. Oh well at least there is next year.