Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vince Young's big day.

So much for organizing a boycott on the Bowl Games. This year's Rosebowl matchup was one of the most watched sporting events in recent memory. Ratings were through the roof and the game lived up to all the hype. I admit that I too fell victim to the siren song of this matchup and watched the contest myself.

It was a great game and I am glad I got to see it, but I still maintain that the NCAA needs a real playoff system. Texas beat USC but as far as I'm concerned they are paper champions because they didn't survive a field of playoff contenders to win it all.

But that doesn't detract from what Vince Young was able to do. He single handedly dismantled USC's defense. Sure, there are probably some USC fans whining about that face mask that handed Texas a first down when they would have been facing a fourth and four, and Vince Young's knee was down on that pitch, but do you really think those calls mattered? USC had Texas facing a fourth down and five with the clock running out and Young walked into the endzone for the clinching touchdown. Simply amazing.

Houston has the number one pick in the draft this year and experts had them taking Reggie Bush, but after last night's performance how can you not pick the hometown favorite? It would be a public relations disaster to not pick Vince Young. It's also a can't miss pick. Fans will be livid if the Texans pass on Young, especially if he is a smashing success but they would be very forgiving if Young is an NFL bust. It's a no brainer, really.

At the start of the season Young was not regarded as a great passer, but against Ohio State he stood tall in the pocket and beat the Buckeyes with his arm. Last night, Young shredded the USC defense with pinpoint accuracy and kept drives alive with his legs. Young looked like he was in a passing drill. USC couldn't stop him in spite of knowing going into the Rosebowl that Vince Young was the heart and soul of the Texas offense.

Young is ready for the NFL and should go. If he goes back to Texas for his senior year he'll win the Heisman and possibly another so-called title, but he could also get hurt or play his way out of the first round. After last night's game you have to figure there are quite a few NFL coaches asking their scouting directors to dig up some footage on Young. Look no further than Penn State's Paul Posluszny to see how quickly a storybook season can turn disastrous. The All-American linebacker was a few minutes away from making a choice between one more year of collegiate glory and the multi-million dollar signing bonus he would get after being drafted in the first round. Now that choice has been made for him in the shape of a brutal knee injury.

Young has done everything he can do at the collegiate level. He guided his team to a perfect record and hoisted the championship trophy after an unforgettable performance. It doesn't get any better than that.

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